December Fitness Tip 2015



Fitness Tip of The Month

December 2015

#4 Nutrition


Turkey, mashed potatoes, pies, the list goes on and on. The Holiday season brings so many wonderful foods and often times as a result, the anxiety of “gaining weight” often accompanies these delectable treats.

Here are a few tips for navigating this Holiday Season:holiday-clipart-free-christmas-holiday-clip-art

  1. Pick the foods you like and have a healthy serving size (or 1/2 a serving if you want to mix & match!) of each!
  2. Enjoy it! Don’t worry about it.. Give yourself permission to enjoy them.
  3. Start thinking about ways you can practice healthy portion sizes during the REST of the year.

If your diets on point 363 days out of the year (give or take… life happens!), there’s no need to worry about the few days we tend to care most about.

So enjoy this time of year, try to stay active, and keep healthy portion sizes in mind. Here’s a handy link to help with portion sizes: The best calorie control guide. [infographic]. Happy Holidays everyone!

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