Discover the Benefits of Foam Rolling

Do you wish you weren’t so tight when you woke up the morning after playing tennis?

You can massage those achy muscles yourself with a quick foam roller routine!

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If you are like most of us who play TENNIS or exercise regularly, you probably have your share of aches and pains. With the help of a cylinder made of foam, you can relieve tight muscles, decrease your chance of injury and improve your flexibility and tennis performance. They are affordable and easy to use at home, in the gym or locker room. In just 5-15 minute sessions you can improve your blood flow, stretch and soften knots in your muscles and even break up scar tissue or adhesions which form when we play hard or over work our bodies.

There are countless ways to use foam rollers as you recover or get ready for your TENNIS GAME. If you’d like some guidance… join me, Liz Bradford, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist for a FREE WORKSHOP!

MONDAY, Feb. 15 from 7:00-7:20pm

TUESDAY, Feb. 23rd from 7:00-7:20pm

UPSTAIRS in the Small Group Training Room 


Space is limited.

I’d love to show you how to use this amazing tool that helps my clients and myself continue to enjoy our tennis and daily lives with less tightness and discomfort!

Questions? Call Liz Bradford at 329-5050 or email

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