January 2018 Fitness Tip



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January 2015


The New Year swells with possibilities, yet we all know how resolutions can evaporate with time.  Consider starting 2018 with SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time bound.

You might begin with 10 minutes of good old-fashioned quiet time to craft a vision of your goal.   Imagine how things will look andsmart goal setting concept feel when you have achieved this lasting lifestyle change.

Be specific as you break down your long-range goal into smaller parts.  Try choosing one small thing you can do today or this week to get started.

If your intent is to add weekly heart-pumping exercise, then set measurable and attainable goals.  Begin each week by choosing the specific type and length of workout and the number of sessions you’ll complete. Try posting it on a calendar or bulletin board in a central location as a visual reminder of your plans and successes.

Remember to be realistic, too.  Thirty minutes on a treadmill on five separate days is an admirable plan for week one, but shooting for two or three days might be more attainable.  As you map out progress in this way, you are creating clear, measurable outcomes that are time bound.

Calendars and journals are an effective way to record and track your weekly and monthly accomplishments.  Fitness apps for your iPhone are also growing in popularity.  Either method will help raise awareness of what you’re actually doing and what is working so far!

Finally, don’t forget to share your plans with a friend or ally.  Social support will provide encouragement when you need it most, and it may keep you more accountable to yourself. Stick to SMART Goals rather than Resolutions this year, and imagine the possibilities!




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