May Fitness Tip 2016



Fitness Tip of The Month

May 2016

#6 Resistance Exercise Technique Fundamentals

Stable Body and Limb Positioning

Whether an exercise requires lifting a barbell or dumbbell from the floor or pushing and pulling while one is positioned in or on a machine, establishing a stable position is critical. A stable position enables an individual to maintain proper body alignment during an exercise, which in turn places an appropriate stress on muscles and joints.

Supine (lying face up) exercises performed on a bench require a specific posture.  The individual should position the body to achieve a five point contact position:

  1. Head is placed firmly on the bench or back pad.
  2. Shoulders and upper back are placed firmly and evenly on the bench or back pad.
  3. Buttocks are placed evenly on the bench or seat.
  4. Right foot is flat on the floor.
  5. Left foot is flat on the floor.

Maintaining this five point body contact position at the beginning and throughout the movement phases promotes maximal stability and spinal support.

Cam-,pulley-, or lever-based exercise machines that have an axis of rotation require specific positioning of an individual’s body, arms, or legs for reasons of safety and optimal execution. Before performing machine exercises, adjust seat and pads to position the body joint primarily involved in the exercise in alignment with the machine’s axis of rotation.

Be sure to keep these fundamentals in mind to ensure safety, proper technique and maximize results!

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